I had two goals in writing Miss Moore Thought Otherwise. One was to encourage “otherwise-thinking” children to value and pursue their own individualistic ideas–and thus to make their own unique contributions to the world.

The second was to prompt people to think about that indispensable

yet much-taken-for-granted gift, the public library. 

When I was a little girl, my mother took me down a shady sidewalk that led to the door of the children's room of the Midland Public Library. It was a safe place to be, out of sight of the librarian in the main room, who shushed me whenever I got near her desk. We'd carry home bags full of books to read on sweltering West Texas


How grateful I am to Anne Carroll Moore for helping make libraries all over the world more welcoming places for children, for passionately championing children's books, and most of all for extending to children the essential privilege of borrowing books. 

Adapting Walter de la Mare’s famous summation of Moore’s contribution to the world’s children: “[I] will never be able to repay the debt [I] owe to [Anne Carroll Moore].”

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